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About me

About me - Gayatri dave

Alignment of Body & Mind

As my name suggests hope for enlightenment, so does my work. I am Gayatri Dave, gut health expert and nutrition coach. My motto for work and life is rooted in one simple sentence – alignment of body and mind.

My health was a rollercoaster ride during my early childhood and teenage days. And from those ups and downs I discovered my passion for Health, and especially gut health. In this world, we are all machines working day and night for achieving our goals. However, we often neglect saving this machine – our body- from wearing off. Do we sit and analyse the fuelling of our bodies? Or in simple terms, are we careful of the food we eat? Well, most of us will say NO.

If I have to sum up my learning in two points it would be that, one, to stay fit it’s a 100% diet and 100% exercise ratio with no compromise in either of the two. And the second lesson is, our gut and body in general, is very thinly woven with our external environment – our family, moods, mental state and most importantly how we talk and think about our own body and self.

This is how I approach my health and life...

And this is how I coach my clients to do so as well! Want to know more about my holistic approach to various health services that I offer? Explore the services now and let’s work together hand- in – hand to make your health wholesome!


Bachelors in Science

PGDM in diet and nutrition (PGDM)

Internationally certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN, New York

Diploma in diet, health and nutrition (DDHN)

My Mission

Alignment of body and mind through food and active lifestyle


Spreading health since 7 years