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Process of a clinical nutritionist and what is Clinical Nutrition.

Clinical nutrition is the study of the connection between what you eat and your overall health.

It is the science of nutrients and the process of food getting digested, absorbed, metabolized as well as how the body excretes the by-products.  Nutritionists in Malad West, Mumbai, and all over India are concerned with how the environment influences food quality and safety, as well as how these variables impact health and illness. India’s change in lifestyle is a key to understanding the problem.

Clinical nutrition has progressed into a subject that is increasingly being included in conventional medical therapy. Clinical nutrition is recognized as a method that may improve a client’s well-being in times of good health, poor health, and when undergoing traditional pharmacological regimens, as well as play a critical role in disease prevention. When it comes to evaluating an individual’s dietary needs, “one size fits all” is no longer acceptable, says Gayatri Dave, Health Coach, one of the best nutritionists in Malad, Mumbai.

What does it mean to be a Clinical Nutritionist?

A Clinical Nutritionist’s suggestions will be based on the most up-to-date research mixed with millennia of traditional experience understanding about what foods should be consumed when and by whom. Some people may opt to visit a Clinical Nutritionist in addition to medical therapy to improve their outcomes or speed up their recovery. 

Others may pick a nutritionist as their primary health care provider and first point of contact for any health concerns, believing that their practitioner would send them to the appropriate specialists as needed. A clinical nutritionist may also aid in the prevention of illness by assisting in the establishment of a healthy lifestyle before the onset of any signs of imbalance.

Services we offer

Online consultation

Health is provided to you through a virtual clinic! Get detailed consultation on a range of health crisis, especially gut health.

Weight management

Get solutions to your weight gain and weight loss struggles!

Gut health

Expert in giving gut health recommendations with specialised custom plans.

Clinical nutrition

Combine lifestyle changes with regular medications for treating diabetes, hypertension, PCOS etc.

Food allergy and addiction

Get rid of willing/ unwilling binging on unhealthy foods!

Vegan diet

Veganism isn’t just a diet but a way of life; get lifestyle recommendations for becoming vegan!

Corporate coaching

Explore what you can do for your employee’s health!

An Appointment with a Clinical Nutritionist: What to Expect?

The Clinical Nutritionist at the best Dietician in Malad East, Mumbai will collect a comprehensive case history at the initial face-to-face consultation, including questions about medical history, family history, and personal food, lifestyle, and exercise habits. To create an overall perspective of the client’s health, as much information as feasible will be gathered. 

This might include keeping a food journal, recording indications and symptoms associated with certain foods and how they are consumed, and reporting laboratory test results, among other things. Dietary and lifestyle modifications, as well as therapeutic grade dietary supplements, may be advised based on the information supplied by the client.

The usual process carried out by best dietician in Malad, Mumbai

Diagnostic tests and evaluations may be carried out, and they may differ from one practitioner to the next. A Clinical Nutritionist will provide different nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to aid the client on their journey to enhanced vitality and wellness once an initial assessment has been performed. Two to three follow-up sessions at Gayatri Dave Health Coach, a nutritionist in Malad West, Mumbai are usually necessary to assess the individual’s development and make any minor program changes.

Anxiety, behavioral disorders, cardiovascular disease, children’s health, chronic fatigue, digestive complaints, diabetes, eczema, food and environmental sensitivities, hay fever, headaches and migraines, hormonal complaints, insomnia, joint complaints, and more are just some of the health conditions that a Clinical Nutritionist at any best dietician in Malad, Mumbai may be able to help with.

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