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Best Dietitian and Nutritionist for Weight Management in Kandivali

My work, like my name, expresses an aspiration for knowledge. I’m Gayatri Dave, a nutritionist and gut health expert. My business and life credo is based on a single sentence: body and mind alignment.

My health was a rollercoaster ride throughout my youth and adolescence. And it was during those ups and downs that I discovered my love for health, particularly gut health. We are all machines in this world, working day and night to achieve our objectives. However, we frequently overlook the importance of protecting this mechanism — our bodies – from deterioration. Do we take the time to consider how we fuel our bodies? Or, to put it another way, are we conscious of what we eat? The majority of us, on the other hand, will say no.


We often aren’t aware of how easy it is to maintain our gut health, no matter how simple it is. I’ve got the tricks to keep your belly pleased at the tip of my fingers! EATING, YOGA, SLEEPING, AND LOVING.

You don’t want to just throw your food out, do you? To avoid this, you must focus on properly assimilating and digesting your food, which requires you to walk about and eat completely.

My therapy regimens are very adaptable. I don’t have a pre-made diet chart for anybody; what I recommend you consume is based on your food culture, allergies, taste preferences, and health history.

Most of the Best Dietitian and Nutritionists in Kandivali, Mumbai will agree with me on the fact that healthy life is 100% part diet and 100% part exercise!

Services we offer

Online consultation

Health is provided to you through a virtual clinic! Get detailed consultation on a range of health crisis, especially gut health.

Weight management

Get solutions to your weight gain and weight loss struggles!

Gut health

Expert in giving gut health recommendations with specialised custom plans.

Clinical nutrition

Combine lifestyle changes with regular medications for treating diabetes, hypertension, PCOS etc.

Food allergy and addiction

Get rid of willing/ unwilling binging on unhealthy foods!

Vegan diet

Veganism isn’t just a diet but a way of life; get lifestyle recommendations for becoming vegan!

Corporate coaching

Explore what you can do for your employee’s health!


The globe is getting increasingly connected with the advent of the internet and mobile phones. So why not bring nutrition and wellness closer to you?

I offer online consultations via phone and video calls, depending on the clients’ preferences.

However, if you believe that this allows you to skip your routine without me knowing, you are completely incorrect! My follow-ups are consistent, and I keep a close eye on you to make sure you’re exercising and eating appropriately according to the plan.

Although I am a based in Mumbai offering dietitian services in kandivali west, but with online consultation health is just a click away! My clients are based in many countries! Health is indeed global!


Most of the Best Dietitians in Malad & Kandivali Mumbai are faced by common concerns of clients – stress, PCOD, hypertension, thyroid and others.

Restricted diets aren’t necessary for a healthy, long-term lifestyle, in my opinion. A balanced diet, in my opinion, consists of all foods that we have consumed since childhood, as well as being active throughout the day through ordinary labour.

Even when you have life-threatening illnesses, your doctor would advise you to adjust your diet first. Bring your doctor’s exact dos and don’ts to me, and I’ll create a chart for you that will minimise and replace your nutritional requirements. If you have general nutritional imbalances, I will propose simple preventative measures such as a varied diet and customised exercise/yoga or whatever activity best meets your needs.

I work with a variety of issues, including childhood obesity, malnutrition, pregnancy and post-partum weight loss, and teenage growth, to name a few. My approach to weight loss leads to a shift in perspective, and my clients become more self-reliant in their health management. They take charge of their own diet, exercise, and overall health.

Join me in the revolution to align the body and mind for a healthy living!

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