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I don’t believe restrictive diets are necessary to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

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Diseases like hypertension, diabetes, PCOS, hormonal imbalances and blood pressure have become so common these days that people tend to be ignorant towards it. But rarely do we understand that a little focus on your nutrition intake can do wonders for saving and curing you from these life changing diseases.

I don’t believe restrictive diets are necessary to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. For me a balanced diet is made of every food that we have been eating since childhood and staying active throughout our day with routine work.

Even when you are suffering from life threatening diseases, the first thing the doctor recommends is a change in diet. Come to me with your specifically prescribed dos and don’ts by your doctor, and I will design a chart for you that will reduce and replace your required nutrients. If you are suffering from general nutritional imbalances, I will recommend easy precautions including a diverse diet and custom exercise/yoga or whichever activity that suits your schedule and interest.

None of my charts are prepared without a detailed study of your entire body and environment – food habits, nutritional levels, body type, ethnicity (to understand your food availability and culture) and taste palate. I am here to reconstruct your lifestyle, using each and every element already imbibed in your routine, with least or minor additions and subtractions! The only math we do is multiplying your nutrients!

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