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Binge eating on those unhealthy packets of chips?

Food Freedom tastes great

Addicted to having carbonated drinks with every meal? Can’t stop craving sugar? Well, these food addictions can be as lethal as any drug or alcohol addiction.

I specialize in behavioural Nutrition in the treatment of Food Addiction, Binge-Eating and Compulsive Over-Eating. To get a little scientific, food addiction is not just about uncontrollable cravings due to the delicious taste of the food. It is owing to certain chemical dependencies that the junk food creates, that you feel the inevitable urge to continuously eat that particular food. But don’t be scared! We all understand the role of food in our life as being the most important, but we eat to live, not live to eat. So, with my dietary recommendations and other treatment plans, I can help you break this domino effect of food dependency!

Apart from psychological addiction, I also help in creating a holistic diet plan for you that eliminates all the foods from your diet which causes allergy in your body. Now you must be wondering how will I know if I am allergic to a specific food? To answer that, there are scientific methods (such as elimination) to help me diagnose your allergies and make a quick replacement for that in your diet!  Receiving professional dietary advice and assistance not only ensures a balanced nutritional intake but can also help to relieve the frustration and annoyance generated by food intolerance. Don’t miss out on the nutrition just because you are allergic!

Being lactose intolerant or wheat intolerant isn’t the end of the world, its just the beginning of a new diet plan!

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