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Did you know that 80% of the diseases that you suffer from are being caused because you don’t listen to your gut?

gut-health Tips

Your gut isn’t just the “centre” of your body according to anatomy, but also because it is responsible for your overall health – both physical and mental.

You know what follows a happy and healthy gut? A glowing skin, active heart, balanced hormones, strong immunity, and oh, the list is endless!

No matter how effortless it is to keep our gut health in place, we often aren’t conscious about it. I have the tips to keep your gut happy on my finger tips! FOOD, YOGA, SLEEP AND LOVE.

You don’t just want to dump out the food you eat, do you? To ensure that doesn’t happen, you need to set the seal on assimilating and digesting your food well, for which you need to move actively and eat wholly.

My treatment plans are excessively flexible. I have no ready- made diet chart for anyone – what I suggest you to eat are depending on your food culture, allergies, taste palate and your health background. When you come to me, you don’t even have to worry about splurging money on expensive grains or supplements. I will provide you a grocery list with locally available ingredients. My stress buster is yoga, but if you enjoy aerobics as a recreational exercise or any other alternative, then that’s what you get to do  in your treatment routine!

Reach out to me for a dynamic treatment plan for your supreme gut health and rekindle your spirits!

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