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With the advent of internet and mobile phones, world is becoming closer and closer. So why not bring nutrition and health close to you as well?

I provide online consultations over calls and video calls, as comfortable according to the clients.

But if you think this provides you with an opportunity to skip your routine without me knowing, then you are totally wrong! My follow ups are regular, and I keep vigilant check on you to ensure that you exercise and eat properly according to the plan.

Not only do I regularly communicate with the client, but I also fix calls with the one who cooks food for my client. This is to ensure that the person who is preparing the food is kept in loop and is aware of the cooking methods as well. Recipe videos and custom diet plans made regularly according to results and body, come along with this consultation!

Through records of pedometer, date and time sheet etc I keep an eye on their track record. You will never be left alone in your journey of transformation as I am always online to help you out!

Book your online consultation now, and boost your immunity with an appropriate diet chart!

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