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Many of my clients complain of being addicted to fatty non-vegetarian foods which leads to their excessive weight gain.

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However, I understand that different foods react differently to subjective bodies, but if you want to lead a healthy life by following the vegan way, then I am here for your transformation!

If you are still having second thoughts on whether vegan diet is a balanced diet, then let me assure you that my vegan diet plans replaces all animal based products with plant based products. So you don’t have to compromise on your proteins and nutrients and along with it you do away with all the saturated fat consumption.

Whether you are an athlete, pregnant woman or a weight loss freak, whatever may be your reason, my vegan diets will be made according to your requirements!

P.S: Don’t worry; vegan diet isn’t as expensive as you think it is! My chart includes grocery list for your ration requirements to ensure locally available ingredients within your budget!

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