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First things first, when I say weight management, it includes both weight loss and weight gain.

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A lot of ignorance is prevalent in both the cases, but I am here to help you reach the perfect mark for your body which is ideal according to your age and other variables.

I cater to various causes like child obesity, malnutrition, pregnancy and post- pregnancy weight loss, adolescent growth amongst many others. My approach to weight management culminates into a changed perspective where my client ends up being self reliant in managing their health. They become the doctor of their food, exercise and overall health.

Often times, you might watch a 2 min video on losing weight in 2 days and follow the diet like a holy schedule! But what about the consequences? What about the medical risk factors associated with it?

When you book an appointment with me, you book for yourself a journey of self transformation. You enter into a psychologically and physically safe haven. Even if you walk into me saying “ I cant do it”, my tailor made and well researched diet recommendations along with activity checklist, will make you own up your body victories! You can stay safe with not spending your hard earned money on expensive food supplements or fancy ingredients. Until medically required, I don’t give supplements.

A minimum of three month-programme is advised to notice visible results. And by the end of the stipulated programme, you will thank yourself for all the efforts you put in for being body positive! After all, the battle is yours, I am just a health coach!

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