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My involvement with Clients is visible in what they have to say about us…

Client Transformation- Jenny Gala Before After

Lost 10 Kgs

Jenny Gala

A lecturer and Educator, Jenny Gala, had thyroid problems.

Due to her cultural background of being a Gujarati, she was indulged in being a foodie at heart. Clubbing both these issues of ethnicity and thyroid , her weight loss was a difficult journey. However, with workout regime of yoga and diet planning she lost 10 kgs within span of 5 months.

Her consistent efforts and my schedule helped her with medical issues, what are you waiting for? Join now!

Client Transformation- Mayur Jethva Gut Health Transformation

Mayur Jethva

A Marketing professional, Mayur Jethva suffered with uneasiness and discomfort due to lockdown. He was putting on fat in mid section. Topping it all was his gut health issue.

Read in his own words, what he speaks of his weight loss journey:

“Dear Gayatri
It was really helpful programme for my health and healthy discussions were done whenever required. The best part was you were very patient to listen all my problems and accordingly get solutions at par for me. Though it was only for month but I am trying to practice same routine in daily life as advised by you. Being young and energetic you are loyal and trustworthy with your job. Keep doing the same and world will be yours. All my wishes and regards to you. Will always keep promoting to my peers.”

Client Transformation- Sneha Samota Before After

Lost 9 Kgs

Sneha Samota

Sneha samota was struggling to lose weight. Her weight gain was due to unavoidable circumstances of social gatherings. Her meals were often a restaurant delight with family and friends in social events. Her hectic lifestyle further hampered her calorie burns.

I instilled the motivation to work out and eat healthy food in her. With consistent efforts she managed to lose 9 kgs, and once she started losing weight, the results were motivation enough! I helped her bring the necessary changes in her lifestyle, its your turn now! Reach out to me for life changing results!

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