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Weight Management Clinic Centre in Kandivali

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Weight management refers to a set of activities and actions that must be followed to maintain a healthy weight. It is chosen over the term “dieting” since it encompasses more than only calorie restriction or the treatment of overweight individuals. Even if a person is neither obese nor overweight, they must exercise weight control if they have an eating problem. Some health care providers at a weight management clinic centre in Kandivali, Mumbai refer to all weight-related illnesses as “nutritional disorders.”

The phrase “weight management” also represents a shift in how obese and overweight people have been treated over the last 20 years. Prior to 1980, weight loss was the primary objective of therapy for overweight people, with the goal of assisting the patient in achieving an “ideal weight” as defined by conventional height-weight charts. In recent years, however, experts at any weight management clinic centre in Kandivali have shown that a small weight loss, maybe as little as 10% of the patient’s body weight, can alleviate or manage the majority of the harmful health effects of obesity. To benefit from weight management, a person does not have to be at their “ideal” weight.

What causes obesity in the first place?

Obesity develops when your daily calorie intake exceeds your daily energy expenditure. Consider the food you consume as fuel. This fuel is intended to provide you with energy, and you burn it off as you go about your day. If you take in too much fuel, though, it will not be burnt off. This stuff lies there in your body, doing nothing, weight loss centres in Kandivali, west suggests.

Environmental factors

According to the weight loss clinic centres in Kandivali, Mumbai, Your weight can be influenced by your lifestyle choices and your efforts on a daily basis.

Psychological factors

Eating has been shown to be connected to emotions. We eat to rejoice over a happy event and to mourn the loss of a loved one. Eating for sadness, anxiety, boredom, and binge eating are all examples of the emotional aspects of food.

Genetic and Environmental reasons

Obesity can run in your family due to genetic and environmental reasons. This implies that if you have overweight or obese family members, you may be at a higher risk.

Medical conditions

A medical condition or medicine can sometimes slow down your metabolism (your capacity to convert calories into energy), leading to obesity. Weight gain can be caused by medications such as steroids and antidepressants.

How can I keep my weight under control?

Controlling your weight isn’t a one-time event; you’ll need to think long-term about how to lose weight and make lifestyle adjustments. Weight reduction should be gradual, and you’ll need to keep track of your progress to avoid rebound weight gain. The right method to create long-term weight adjustment is to modify your diet, behavior associated with it, and lifestyle with the help of the Weight loss clinic centres in Kandivali Mumbai. Adjustments to your food and exercise habits are the emphasis of these changes.

There are a few things you can do to modify your behavior and lifestyle to help you lose weight:

  • Educating yourself about nutrition.
  • Changing your dietary habits is a good thing to do.
  • Increasing your physical exercise is a smart option.
  • Changing your attitude about food.
  • Getting involved in a weight-loss strategy.
  • Putting in place support systems.
  • Follow any medication treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Services we offer

Online consultation

Health is provided to you through a virtual clinic! Get detailed consultation on a range of health crisis, especially gut health.

Weight management

Get solutions to your weight gain and weight loss struggles!

Gut health

Expert in giving gut health recommendations with specialised custom plans.

Clinical nutrition

Combine lifestyle changes with regular medications for treating diabetes, hypertension, PCOS etc.

Food allergy and addiction

Get rid of willing/ unwilling binging on unhealthy foods!

Vegan diet

Veganism isn’t just a diet but a way of life; get lifestyle recommendations for becoming vegan!

Corporate coaching

Explore what you can do for your employee’s health!

Making lifestyle adjustments, such as increasing your exercise and activity level, are essential to weight control. Find an activity or type of exercise that you love. Having fun, whether it’s in a dancing class or on lengthy walks, can help you stay motivated in the long run.

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